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  • What comes in the Boxed boxes?
    Each box is guaranteed to have a candle, some will be scents exclusive to the boxes, limited edition packaging or available first in the boxes! Along with the candle the box will have other products, some boxes may be candle related- some not! Many boxes will carry exclusive products that will only be available in that particular box! Each box will have a value that far exceeds the retail price, so you will always be getting a GREAT deal!
  • Will the exclusive items found in the boxes ever be available in the store?
    Yes + No! Some boxes will have items that are one time availability (in the box), other times the box subscribers will get the product before it is available to the store.
  • Why should I subscribe?
    Each subscription comes with FREE shipping to all boxes in that subscription, the guarantee to get a box, AND offers even more discounts to the already discounted price! These boxes will be something you will look forward to receiving month after month!
  • How many boxes are there?
    We have 6 boxes a year (a box shipping every other month on the 1st of that month) PLUS a birthday box available all year round! Both subscription comes with the birthday box! Who doesn’t love extra birthday gifts?!
  • What are the subscription options?
    We have two options to subscribe: 6 month subscription and 12 month subscription. The 6 month subscription can be purchased at any time during the year and includes the next 3 boxes, PLUS a birthday box on the first of your birthday month! The 12 month subscription is also available for purchase all year round and includes the next 6 boxes, PLUS a birthday box!
  • Can you purchase the box without having a subscription?
    Yes- once our subscriptions are filled with each box the boxes will be available for purchase. These boxes will be SUPER limited quantities and become available exactly a month before the ship date. Ex. If they ship on October 1st, they are available September 1st.
  • When can you buy the boxes?
    The subscription options are available all year round, as well as the Birthday Box individually (the perfect gift to send or receive!). The individual boxes for purchase will be available with SUPER limited quantities a month before the ship date. Ex. If they ship on October 1st, they are available September 1st.
  • When do they ship?
    Each box ships on the first of the month. The schedule is as follows: Valentine’s or Galentines Box: February 1st Spring Box: April 1st Summer Box: June 1st Late-Summer Box: August 1st Fall Box: October 1st Holiday Box: December 1st Birthday Box: Available + Ships on demand.
  • Are there any boxes always available for purchase?
    Currently, the Birthday Box is always available for purchase and ships on demand. But stay tuned!
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