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Our Story.

Honey & Home was created in 2018 with the purpose to provide a gift + home goods/décor store that offered unique + perfectly curated collections to inspire coziness, warmth + love in all areas of your life. Whether that be the things your surround yourself with, the people you are gifting to or the space that you call home, Honey & Home inspires living with intention & inspiration. 


Our Mission.

Honey & Home is a space you can come and escape in, whether you get lost in At Home (our blog) dreaming, planning + creating your next event, or spend hours browsing gifting ideas creating a wishlist. We are creating a community of inspired people who love home décor, entertaining, gifting + of course...a good candle.

Our Mantra.

At Honey & Home, we celebrate (& provide) life's little luxuries. Whether that be a cozy candle, entertaining essentials or the perfect hostess gift, our store is thoughtfully curated with a love & passion for style, entertaining, decorating or all things cozy.

The experience is always in the detail to create a shopping affair you can't wait to repeat.

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Hi! I'm Brandi, the Owner + Founder of Honey & Home. My love for style, entertaining + creating a cozy {& chic} space came together to form Honey & Home. Through the years, my home has become the gathering space for friends & family. There is always fresh baked good ready, a cozy throw blanket waiting & of course, a candle burning. 

My desire + inspiration to create Honey & Home came from 3 distinct influences or memories. My dad, undoubtedly the world's most thoughtful gifter, my maternal grandma, whose house was always warm, candy jars filled to the brim & jag in the background, and finally my mom, who made gift buying such an experience it is one of my best childhood memories. She would include me in all the gift buying for showers, weddings, birthdays, etc. We would pick a theme for the gift and get lost curating it for hours. Every detail was meticulously created to form this memorable + heartfelt gift. To this day we still do all our gifting together and it is one of my most cherished traditions. This entire concept is what I always strive to recreate at Honey & Home. Done through the way we curate our collections allowing you to get lost creating the perfect gift or by offering gifting ideas or pre-made bundles to do the heavy lifting for you. 

I am a homebody to my core. Creating a space that I love filled with things that I love has been one of my greatest sources of joy. Our home has come to be the gathering for all holidays, family dinners, wrapping station (thanks to my massive collection of gift wrap), movie nights, and so much more! Entertaining + decorating are two sources of self-care that fill me up. Finding those essentials that make entertaining memorable + easy and the decor pieces that are admired have been channeled into the curation of Honey & Home. Every single product that is brought in or created is something we use in our home, with our family. 


Perfection is something I strive for in all aspects of Honey & Home. All of our candles  are no exception. When we created our own candle line winter of 2019, I knew it had to be different. Our candles are designed to be a decor piece as well as the creator of the cozy scent that fills your home. With neutral design they are not only beautiful display pieces but incredible gifts. We are always striving to create the coziest, exclusive scents and limited edition jars that celebrate a season. All of our candles are tested extensively, hand-poured, + hand packaged. It brings me immeasurable joy to know that each candle we pour fills a dreamy home or space I'll never know or visit with a little touch of Honey + Home coziness. 

  As a business, we are constantly evolving! There are always new collections coming, new concepts, + of course new candle scents are always in the works. Every time you visit our {virtual} shop, there will always be something new! 

 I am truly so grateful for your support + love for Honey & Home. 

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