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Peppermint & Pine

The founder of Honey & Home, Brandi Bowman Putnam wrote a book! A Christmas romance novel that is being released for pre-order today (shipping November 1st)! The book is available on our website now, but in typical Honey & Home fashion, we have also poured a very special and exclusive candle if you wish to order the book in a set to fully immerse yourself in the experience (we highly recommend!)

Peppermint & Pine is set in an idyllic & charming small town, where the characters are inviting, colorful and warm. At the last minute, the planning of a long standing Christmas festival gets dumped on Lucy West, an already busy boutique owner. In comes a handsome and mysterious stranger, Ford Montgomery, who out of the blue offers to stay to help her with the festival. His motives are unknown to Lucy but his charm is irresistible.


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