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Our Patisserie Collection, Single Jars, are 'served' in a labeled kraft paper box. 


Signtaure: Matte Maple jar  (15.5 ounces)

Burn time: 120+ hours


Honey & Home Candles

Our candles are formulated by hand to ensure the best scent quality possible. They are all wicked, poured and packaged by hand. Our candles are produced in small batches to ensure equal and high quality candle after candle. Our candles are made with soy wax and cotton wicks that are lead and zinc free. Any candle connoisseur will know to trim those wicks! This is so important in making sure your candle burns clean, even and doesn’t smoke!

Maple Doughnut Candle

  • The Patisserie Collection is a delicious new permanent candle collection that will feature our classic trio of core scents, Chocolate Cake, Almond Macaroon & Maple Doughnut. And just like your favorite Patisserie or Cafe, we will also offer limited edition seasonal menus while always offering the classics!


    Maple Doughnut

    fresh baked doughnuts | maple glaze | sugared vanilla

    The scent that inspired the collection. The familiar aroma of walking into your favorite café while trays and trays of warm fresh baked doughnuts are just waiting to be frosted or glaze. The creamy tan hue of maple icing drips over every side of the fresh baked treats creating an irresistible aroma. While the sweetness offers pleasure, the maple offers warmth in a combination you will savor each time you light the candle.

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