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Honey & Home Candles

Our candles are formulated by hand to ensure the best scent quality possible. They are all wicked, poured and packaged by hand. Our candles are produced in small batches to ensure equal and high quality candle after candle. Our candles are made with soy wax and cotton wicks that are lead and zinc free. Any candle connoisseur will know to trim those wicks! This is so important in making sure your candle burns clean, even and doesn’t smoke!



Signtaure: Matte white jar  (15.5 ounces)

Burn time: 120+ hours

I Do Candle

  • Our new line of OccasionCandles are a noteworthy way to celebrate milestones. This collection is made to be gifted, given and cherished!  


    I Do

    wedding cake | vanilla bean | buttercream frosting

    A romantic blend of wedding cake, frosting filled kisses and vanilla beans. Perfect for celebrating the soon to be or newly weds! 

  • Our new line of Occasion Candles are made for gifting! They can be put into a larger gift or are made to be standalone. 

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