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Grill Master BOX

  • The perfect gift for all the grill masters! Filled with grilling essentials, inspirations + delicious extras to take your meals to the next level!

    This box makes a great gift for dad for Father's Day, housewarming gift for a bachelor, & so much more!


    The BOX includes:

    Slow Fires Book

    The manly book filled with recipes + tips for brisket, roasting & grilling.

    Mesquite Peppercorn Lager Rub

    The light, crisp flavors of a lager mix perfectly with the spicy (yet fruity) bite of pink peppercorns and strong, earthy hints of Mesquite to make the ideal rub for those wanting all the deliciousness with none of the hoppy bitterness. Turn your rub into a beer-marinade by adding it to a lager. This is the perfect way to tenderize meat or flavor veggies.

    Smokey Barbeque Sauce

    The smokey + sweet barbeque sauce is the perfect compliment for any grilled + roasted dish.

    Wood Measuring Cups

    Set of 4 wood + metal measuring cups- a must have tool for the grill master! They are so sleek + masculine.