A Honey & Home exclusive! Two of the coziest essentials - a candle + a mug combined in one product! This is a candle that truly keeps on giving!


How to use:

Once your candle is burned out, hand wash with HOT water to release the wicks and remove the candle wax residue. Then run through the dishwasher before using mug for food or beverages. This mug is dishwasher + microwave safe.

Cozy Cup: The Cauldron

  • This adorable candle in a cup is so cozy + cute it screams FALL!  Plus- once the candle is done, wash & use the mug for year to come! 


    The Cauldron is filled with our scent Caramel Apple! 

    Granny Smith Apples | Hot Caramel | Brown Sugar


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