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Your Guide to Hostess Gifts.

It’s the season of Summer parties! And every good guest knows better than to show up empty handed to a summer soiree! While the host never expects anything, it is so nice to bring a little something to show your appreciation for their efforts. A little “thank you for having us” gift that is memorable and sweet. So, what kind of gift should you bring? Hint, it doesn’t include bringing a surprise dish to pass! We have put together a guide to the do’s and don’ts of summer hostess gifts and a few hostess gift ideas that are just as fun and easy to put together as they are to receive!

The Dos & Don’ts

Do Write a Note or a Card

Even it’s a quick heart and your name, the extra personalized touch goes a long way. You can also have cards on hand for such occasions! My favorite card source is Paw Printed With Love, the owner is just as sweet as her cards!

Don’t Bring a Dish to Pass (unless asked)

There is nothing worse having the whole spread set up perfectly and then trying to squeeze in another tray! If the host says she has the menu covered, she has likely spent time planning it and has the perfect set up in mind! So skip bringing your favorite appetizer as a hostess gift.

Do Bring Fresh Flowers

Flowers can make a lovely gift in the summer. But whether you bring fresh cut flowers or a planted pot, make sure it is in a vase or a decorative pot already. The hostess is going to be busy hosting, she will not want to try to find the right vase or pot with all her guests there. So just make sure it is ready to be set out as is!

Don’t bring liquor or wine

…unless you know them well enough to bring their favorite. Don’t bring your favorite bottle of wine or tequila, the gift is supposed to be about them, not you!

Do find a fun theme if you put a gift together

A little curated hostess gift (even in a basket) is a sure thing! Find a fun theme and build the basket around it! Like Pink Lemonade or Summer in bloom! It doesn't have to be expensive but a few little pieces is the perfect hostess gift!

Honey & Home Approved Hostess Gifts:


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