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Honey & Home Turns 3.

Updated: May 28, 2021

WOW. This month Honey & Home turns 3....3 incredible years filled with so much growth, challenges (hello 2020), changes and truly the sweetest connections & customers I ever thought imaginable. As I reflect on the past 3 years- the biggest thing that stands out is the connections with the customers. The relationships we have built with the customers-most of which we have never met- is something I never expected. The conversations that we have about the products, gift recommendations, and the photos you send in using our products in your homes is a constant reminder why I created this business. Seeing you bring products to life in your homes, or knowing you are burning a candle as a sense of comfort or escape after a long day, picking out gifts with intention and love…..THAT is why Honey & Home was created. I will never be able to express my gratitude to the customers who have supported this business, whether it be purchases, shares, or following along with our journey.

Our Purpose:

Honey & Home was created out of a love of being home, and all that it entails. Creating cozy spaces, changing seasonal décor, a yummy candle….the feeling of walking into a space and immediately being wrapped in + embraced by warmth, welcome-ness & love. Being able to come home & light your favorite candle, pour a glass or wine & unwind in a space you love is a feeling we strive to provide. Creating a space you love, surrounded by things you love, and providing the back drop of all your favorite moments & memories.

This business was inspired by 3 major influences on my life.


First & foremost, my mom. She has a very special way of making every single event, celebration, triumph so memorable. She was the mom writing rhyming poems from Santa or the Easter Bunny making those holidays so magical, getting involved every activity, sending cards in the mail after a tough week (although we live 10 minutes away), stopping by with a gift just because she saw it and thought of you. Her “almost Southern” manners, values, and the ability to make a celebration out of every little moment are truly things I am so inspired by and in awe of.

Next, my dad. He is the absolute best gift giver in the world. Each gift he gives is so incredibly thoughtful, from the heart and tailored to the receiver. He blows Christmas up so big every year- we have stockings we can fit into. His adolescent love + excitement for the holiday is something that he has passed down to me, and I am forever grateful. My love for gift giving + the ability to celebrate any + all of life’s moments was definitely inspired by my parents, and that has since translated to my passion for providing easy, thoughtful & individualized gifts for everyone, and any occasion at Honey & Home. Our BOXED collection of Celebration Boxes are a direct result of this!

Finally + significantly, my grandmother on my moms side affectionately known as "Nanny", was a true entertainer. Her home was always perfect. Her numerous candy jars were always filled to the brim. She always had a sweet treat to offer a guest…and she was always ready for an unexpected guest, from her appearance to every detail of her home! I remember the feeling of going to my Nanny’s…it was warm, welcoming, comfortable & beautiful. You felt instantly at home and could spend hours there getting lost in the photos, treats, décor mementos and of course warm conversation. Those feelings are emotions that I will hold on to forever, and it was something she created. She created a home and the true essence of what a home is. These feelings are remembered + embodied with every single product that I choose to bring into or create for Honey & Home. These feelings are what we remember for a lifetime, and these feelings are inspired by the space in which the memories are created….your home.

What is coming?

It’s been an amazing 3 years – but we are just getting started! We are expanding Honey & Home in so many ways this year through new collections, concepts, collaborations, & so much more! This month alone we are launching over 100 new products, our Fall & Holiday collections are 5 times larger than ever before, and we are planning something extra special this holiday season for an amazing holiday shopping experience!

We are so thrilled to announce the launch of this new space for us to connect with you! A place to share recipes, ways to use our new products or collections in your home, gifting ideas and so much more! At Home with Honey & Home will be all about giving you creative home décor ideas, gifting inspiration, & ways to bring intention + warmth into any space through weekly articles. Things like creating a charcuterie picnic, hostess gift ideas & so much more! We cannot wait to have another way to connect with you in this amazing community of gift givers, entertainers, & candle lovers.

Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for you love for the company we have created. Thank you for choosing to bring a piece of Honey & Home into your homes.

Some behind the scenes never before seen photos from year 1:

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