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Valentine's Day Movie Night.

Valentine's Day is all about love + romance, & what is more romantic than a cozy night in watching your favorite Rom-Coms?! We have created the perfect guide to a V-Day movie night whether you celebrate with your Valentine or Galentines!

T H E M O V I E :

The main event, obviously besides the company, is the movie! So whether you are doing just one or a marathon, we’ve rounded up the best V-Day movies! Guys can get through a rom-com as long as it features Adam Sandler comedy or a little dry humor from Ryan Reynolds. And for the Galentine's? A cheesy romance like Grease or Dirty Dancing! They don't like them like Danny & Johnny anymore!

T H E S N A C K S : Popcorn & Candy is a must for every movie night! A little salty + a little sweet. But we’ve taken in to the next level with the yummiest snack mix! Filled with pretzels, circus animal cookies, muddy buddies, and so much more! It’s deliciously + obviously pink + white themed for Valentine’s Day! And our XO Treat Cups make the perfect serving piece to round out the snack tray- perfect for serving the snack mix or mixing your own popcorn + candy creation!

We’ve got all your essentials to make hosting easy for Valentine’s, Galentines’s & everything in between!


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