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Transition into Fall.

One of my favorite all time episodes of Sex & the City ever is the episode where Carrie quotes:

There is a time of year in New York when, even before the first leaf falls, you can feel the seasons click. The air is crisp, the summer is gone. And for the first night in a long time, you need a blanket on your bed.”

Swap out New York for Michigan + she perfectly captures the seasonal click. You can feel the shift, and you know the exact moment she describes. While the warm days may still linger, the air is crisper + the desire for a cozy throw blanket, fall baked treats, and warmer colors overpowers the need to hang on to the last of the summer days. It is my favorite time of year.

The scent of fall baking (whether it be the real thing or our Apple Cider Donuts Candle), the cozy textures, the fall colors make each fall so memorable + desirable. Fall decorating transforms your home into a cozy + inviting space where you can incorporate textures, colors + minimal décor pieces to fit your aesthetic. I am sharing my favorite transitional decorating tip + staple pieces to incorporate your Fall decorating.

Bowls Filled with Bits of Fall.

My favorite bowl is our gold hammered bowl! This is doubles as a tray + bowl and is so versatile to transition from season to season! White pumpkins are my favorite fall element to add in, but you could also use colored pumpkins, faux floral elements like eucalyptus or skulls as we get closer to Halloween. This is a perfect way to add in a pop of color or keep things neutral to make the aesthetic of your home.

Add a little whimsy fall décor.

One of my favorites are our No Evil Vibes Skeleton Set. These are so neutral but SUCH a fun element to any space. I have one on my coffee table, one on my bathroom shelf with a candle…they add a touch of Fall/spooky décor in an instant!

A Candle in itself is super cozy.

Of course, I have candles out + burning all year round but Fall candles just bring a whole new level of cozy. My two favorites this year are Apple Cider Donuts + Mahogany Apple. When paired with cozy matches + a wick trimmer, it is like a trio of cozy. I just picture coming home, putting on a cozy sweater, a cheesy fall romance movie, and striking a match to light my Mahogany Apple. I think that is what Fall dreams are made of.

Infuse elements of Fall into your everyday décors.

One of my favorite things it to add a fun little filler everywhere. I love to take our Statement Candle jars and turn then into bud vases or filler vases with the transition to Fall décor. I used tiny pumpkins + topped with a skull. My home filled with super neutral tones of taupe, greige, black & cream so this fits so perfectly!

Incorporate wood pieces.

One of my favorite pieces in our fall line up is our Hello Pumpkin serving board. Perfect for serving a loaf of my favorite Cream Cheese Pumpkin Bread (recipe below). This board also looks so cute left out! I layered it with my marble lazy Susan, a kitchen towel and of course a mini white pumpkin.


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