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Repurpose Your Candle Jars!

Our Statement Jars are so gorgeous we had to give you a little inspiration to use them in your home when your candle is gone! So many color options are available throughout of shop we are highlighting our 5 favorite ways to repurpose the different colored jars! Once your candle is burned out, wash the inside of the jar with hot soapy water to get out all the wax residue. You may have to do this more than once to ensure it is totally clean + them let dry thoroughly! After that- your jar is ready to be repurposed.

1. Bud Vase

This is one of my most favorite things to use these jars for! So beautiful on a bedside table sitting on top of your favorite books, or on a coffee table next to your next candle. Of course, peonies are always a great choice but you can use any of your favorite fresh blooms! We used the blush iridescent jar that is found in our Bubble Bath B O X coming soon!

2. Bar cart Straw Holder

Such a fun twist on repurposing- and a gorgeous addition to your bar cart. We pair these gorgeous paper straws with our gold jar found in the Astrology collection! Pair this look with one of our cocktail napkins + you are ready for your next happy hour! Such an elevated look to any bar cart!

3. Coffee Scrub Holder

There is no better scrub than this coffee scrub! It keeps your tan even in the Summer + your skin crazy soft in the winter...and the best part it smells good enough to eat! This homemade scrub is a game changer and the perfect storage vessel is our Statement Jars! Save the lid to keep it extra fresh!

4. Succulent Planter

Succulents are the perfect low maintenance plant that add a little green to any space- and they are almost impossible to kill! We used our iridescent mint jar found in the Saturday Morning B O X! It is such a gorgeous + fun color mixed with the hues of the succulent!

5. Makeup Brush Holder

For the glamor queen, our matte black Statement jars make the perfect brush holder in your bathroom or on your makeup stand. Easy to clean, chic + minimal, your makeup brushes on display is the perfect feminine touch. This matte black jar is found in our signature collection!

Put a Fall-iday twist on your repurposing!

F A L L: Filled with mini pumpkins

Our Statement jars for all of our signature scents make the perfect mini vase to use for Fall decorating! A little touch of chic-ness that can be styled to fit any season. I love this added to my kitchen table lazy Susan with a little spooky touch!


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