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The Honey & Home Candle Story.

The most common question I am asked: how did the candles get started. This is not a story I have ever told, especially publicly. But I promised this year would be different, more vulnerable and allow you in to Honey & Home. And it feels like the right time. I have to tell you when I opened Honey & Home in 2018 I had zero intentions to pour our own candles. I wanted to have a home décor boutique, I planned to carry candles but never produce them. I found a candle maker I loved, asked her about creating an exclusive candle collection for Honey & Home. I had a collection name, the candle names, everything picked out that I shared with her. I was THRILLED, we were going to have an exclusive candle collection at my new boutique! A couple weeks later, she told me the scents were not working out (common issue with new scents as I learned), but then went to a market with them two days later and posted photos of them. MY candle names, MY collection name, selling them as her own after she said they didn’t work. I was devasted, to say the very least. I trusted her. It was my first very hard lesson as a business owner and one I was not prepared to learn. I did not know what to do or how to move forward. But I was about to learn an even more important lesson. God turns trouble into transportation, IF you let him. And in this case it came in the form of Emerson & his faith in us and this business. He said let’s just make our own. My mind was telling me NO WAY! We’ve never made a candle before – we knew nothing about pouring temperatures, waxes, wicks, oils. But- we learned it all. Hours of research wanting to get them exactly right, even more hours of testing, over 400 scents that didn’t work out, but finally 6 months later we launched 12 scents. The Original Twelve.

Over the first year, the 12 grew into 22. And outside of those, we launched the Michigan Collection! Each candle felt so special because SO much love, testing and planning went into each and every scent. I had very specific criteria for a scent to pass my test to be added to the line, so when one did it felt special. I took my time carefully naming each scent, imagining what people would enjoy or the feelings that these names would evoke. And when people left glowing reviews or sent messages telling how they loved a scent or how it was reminiscent of a special moment or memory for them, it filled my heart with more love and joy then I imagined. See, scents tell a story. It is the most common sense associated with memory. And we get to play a role in that, how incredibly special is that? These candles we pour with so much love, travel off to fill someone's home with comfort, joy, coziness and a build the base for memories to be made. They are more then just candles, they are the feelings they create.

I am beyond proud of what we have accomplished in the past 5 years - keeping our candles at the heart of our business. So, thank you for being here and celebrating this journey with Emerson & I.

Personally, (and some what selfishly), it felt cathartic to finally release this story. While for sometime I shied away from sharing it because of the negativity I felt going through it. But in reality that was the real story, that is how we got started- and now 5 years in I could not be filled with more gratitude that our journey led us to this exact moment! With me feeling ready to release this story (that felt more like a secret than it ever should have), I knew I had to do something to celebrate. Instantly I knew bringing back some of the original scents in the original jars felt like the perfect way to be tribute to the story & the start of all that was to come! We picked 5 scents that have meant something to us over the years and brought them back for a limited release.

I am thrilled to share this collection with you. It feels very special to celebrate this journey with you!




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