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The Art of Summer Date Nights.

Foreword by Brandi.

Welcome to a new blog series! In this series, we have invited guests on the blog to talk about different topics and inspire us all in new ways! For our third guest I am thrilled to feature a couple who have dedicated their online presence to dating your spouse and date nights, specifically in metro-Detroit. In this issue she shares their story and some of their favorite spots for summer date nights in the D! So, sit back & enjoy! I hope you love this new blog series!

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Hello new friends!  It’s very nice to meet you.  We are Jenn and Clint, aka @datenightinthed.  We are all about encouraging others to never stop dating their spouse by offering creative suggestions in/around metro Detroit.  

It all started 12 years ago, after joining an online dating app, only to help a dear friend find her “Mr. Right” I received a message in my DMs from this handsome guy. (See our profiles pictures below.) When I say I literally panicked, that is most definitely an understatement. Due to the previous season in life, I was completely convinced that I would never meet someone again. (Honestly, nor did I want to).

I froze. I reached out to my circle of trust in sheer disbelief. In this moment, I had no idea what to say or do & yet at the same time, I was very drawn to him and found myself wanting to get to know him. I say that like it came natural or quickly but honestly, it felt very much like slow motion.

We exchanged messages for several weeks and he pursued me like a true gentleman. The man was P A T I E N T (and the daily compliments via text didn’t hurt either 😉….which by the way, I still receive to this day).

I finally agreed to meet him in person at a local coffee shop.  Our first meeting was, let’s just say… “memorable”.  After the most awkward date ever, he was all in (no really, he tells me to this day, he knew I was the one from the moment he saw me), but the only thing going through my head was, "I don’t think I can do this, I need some time." Life had thrown me a curveball, and I wasn't exactly looking for love. But fate works in mysterious ways.

Right before we threw our coffee cups away, he drops this line: "Listen, why don’t you go out there and meet other guys, but just keep in mind, it doesn't get any better than this," pointing to himself.

Y’all, I cringed. I couldn't help but roll my eyes. (Little did I know that line would end up in his wedding vows to me many years later. Life's funny like that. SMH)

Fast forward through nine months of weekly date nights (that he planned/surprised me with), deep laughs, quality conversation, and mutual respect. He was patient as I figured things out. Then, on his birthday, I decided to take a leap, by giving him a card that included the cancellation to my online dating profile, with the signature line reading, “I’m ready to see where this goes.”

Spoiler alert: It was the best decision ever.

That night, we asked a stranger to snap a pic of us, (right) and voila—our favorite photo was born. a blurry, imperfect snapshot that's etched in our hearts forever. We all have one of those, right? It's not perfect, but it's so special because it captures a moment that changed everything for us.

From the day we met, to this very evening, he has been sweeping me off my feet with weekly (yes, weekly – add that up x 12 years) spontaneous, creative, adventurous date nights. 

Hence how @datenightinthed was created.  It truly is who we are and what we do.  Every location sparks new interest which has organically led to deeper conversations between us. 

While we love a unique ambiance or a fantastic meal that stands out from all the rest, what we value the most is the quality time + investment created in our relationship. 

The #1 question we receive in our DMs would be: “Where should I take my significant other on our next date?”  With that being said, here a few picks from our Summer 2024 list for metro Detroit (in no particular order I might add)

Downtown Detroit Date Nights:

1.      Alpino (which by the way, the first time we visited, shortly after they opened, we told the owner to mark our words, they would soon be known as Hour Detroit Best of Detroit Restaurant – and sure enough – they are continuously winning award after award!)

2.      Supinos – Eastern Market + all time fav pizza

3.      Presley’s – new to Woodward Ave and right in the heart of it all – the food, the staff, the ambiance: all A+

4.      Gillys Rooftop – hello ambiance

5.      Union Assembly – always a hit, especially if you are headed to a Tigers, Lions or Redwings game!

Downtown Detroit Staycation:

1.       Book Tower – Kampers – Le Supreme:  the architecture, the view, the food.  It’s truly a 1 stop shop.

2.       The Siren Hotel – The Ash Bar (brunch) – quaint, swanky, lovely, memorable.

3.       Shinola Hotel – San Morello – classy, perfection

I look back & remember how scared I was to trust again and yet I'm so thankful I took the chance with him. My life has never been the same and never been better.

So, here we are, firm believers in scheduling that quality time with your person and thinking outside the box.  Metro Detroit + beyond has so many fun and unique options to choose from.  Not sure where to start?  Think of us as your dear friends, always ready with suggestions for your next date. Patio seating? Staycation at a Metro Detroit hotel? Brunch? We've got you covered.


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