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The 1st Cookie of Christmas. (2023)

It's that time of year- 12 Cookies of Christmas is BACK! We are beyond thrilled to bring you 12 new, cozy cookie or treat recipes to help guide you through your holiday baking and entertaining this year! Every year we look forward to the launch of this series and connect with you over holiday joy and Christmas cookie....which is one in the same. Our hope is this year these recipes inspire you to make them with friends and family, share with neighbors and ultimately inspire a little extra coziness this season!

This year, I went Gluten Free. One thing I was not going to give up with Christmas cookies! So each recipe this year, while the recipe is not written in gluten free terms can be made gluten free with swapping our the flour (and any other ingredients- like oats and Oreo's!). I am so happy to provide inclusive recipes this year for our gluten free girlies just like me! And I will say, I am known in my family for my cookies and NO ONE detected the difference from gluten free to the same yummy cookies I have been making for years!

Kicking off our 3rd annual 12 Cookies of Christmas with a cookie recipe straight from Santa! This cookie has everything you would find in Santa’s kitchen with a chewy sugar cookie base! They are filled with Oreo's, M & M's, chocolate, peppermint and more- a truly delicious treat!


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