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Summer Charcuterie Picnic

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Life is a little sweeter in the summer. Warm temps, fresh flowers + fruits, hazing days under the sun, and it is the perfect time to plan a date night…or better yet a day date! What is more romantic than a Sunday afternoon spent outside snacking on the sweetest lunch over the conversation? Or an afternoon spent with girlfriends chatting about all the things over a champagne cocktail + Instagram worthy set up?

Which ever tickles your fancy- we’re here to give you all the summer picnic inspiration + essentials to making it even sweeter.

We have so many amazing favorites to create the perfect picnic at Honey & Home! All you need is a little blanket, a sweet little Instagram-worthy set up & the perfect company. But what to pack for food?! Light + easy foods are best, charcuterie filled with seasonal meats + cheeses, fresh fruits like sweets like macaroons are all amazing options! Of course, we created a checklist to make packing your picnic a breeze!


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