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Grandma's Strawberry Jam.

Growing up, every Spring was marked by heading to grandma’s for a weekend full of jam making. The weekend started Friday night heading out to a near by farm to pick the strawberries. Saturday morning we would start and continue on through Sunday afternoon. Making dozens of jars to last the year! Only stopping to ride our bikes to Pelican (a local diner) for lunch! The fresh breeze blowing through the kitchen with the scent of sweet strawberries wafting in the air. As we got older, it became a cousin tradition, putting on our aprons and canning as fast as we could with the hope to take as many jars home as we could! It is a memory I will cherish forever. And a memory I now honor by taking on the task of making all the jam every Spring for our family! Emerson now refuses to eat any other strawberry jam....quite the compliment!

This year, I have decided to open the family recipe book and share this beloved jam recipe with you! I hope you are able to spend a Spring Saturday with your loved ones making this recipe that is sure to be a classic in every household!


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