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Spooky SZN.

It’s spooky SZN! We like our spooky with a little sweet! Whether your like your cozy October nights at home with a spooky movie, a Saturday night pumpkin carving party, or a spook-infused happy hour…we have ALL the essentials you never knew you needed (and some you did).

H A U N T I N G H O M E D E C O R.

So many Halloween décor favorites, so little time! The NEW Yoga Mummies are absolutely perfect so add a super fun + spooky element to your décor. With the neutral colors, they fit in with any décor! They are available in 6 styles, sold individually so you can mix and match as you please! Mix + match the mummies, get them all or go minimal and get just one…either way they are so fun! The neutral colors make them easy to style in any space!

E E R I E (& cute) E N T E R T A I N I N G.

Hosting a Halloween party? Or just family pumpkin carving night? The perfect plates, napkins, serving boards + spooky treats make the night even sweeter. Serve your favorite Halloween treat on these adorable dessert plates, build a table top charcuterie platter for your next girls night or top your favorite hot chocolate off with our Ghost Marshmallows! These little cuties are so fun + festive!

B O O - Z Y B A R C A R T.

A little BOO-ze, a little brie + a lot of good conversation to be had! Upgrade your barcart this season with so many fun favorites! So many themes to transition your barcart through the season…

M A G I C A L M O V I E N I G H T.

From the snacks to the cozies- your spooky movie night never looked this good! One of our favorite movies is Hocus Pocus and of course we have all the Sanderson Sisters Candle Set, Movie Night candle, Drive In Chocolate Bar, Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Bar & the inspired serving favorites like the Poisoned board, treat cups + BOO Drink Stirrers. So many fun favorites for a festive night in.


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