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October Book Club Reveal:

I am so thrilled to announce this month's book! A cozy yet spooky romance novel that is the sequel to our October book from last year! It’s like Gilmore Girls, if there was a secret society of witches in Stars Hallow! While the first book, The Ex-Hex is so good too, this book would also be a great standalone novel too! The love story is spooky, sweet and a little mysterious! And as always, we have paired a few of our products with this book including a cozy crew, the cutest drink stirrers that are just like Sir Purrvical from the book, and a witchy candle!

T H I S B O O K P A I R W E L L W I T H . . . .

If you read this book, tag us in your story & comment below to let us know how you liked it!

...stay tuned for our next book club book to be announced on November 1st!


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