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Monster Mash Party!

Whether you are hosting a haunted happy hour, all Hallow’s eve dinner party, spooky movie night or pumpkin carving party- we have all the best products to help you take your event to the next level! We know the devil is in the details- and so it the best Halloween Party!

T H E S N A C K S :

There is nothing better than a Caramel Apple…except maybe a caramel apple bar! Filled with so many toppings, your ghoul-friends & boo-friends alike will be able to create their own freaky favorite apple! This bar is SO easy to put together! All you need is a small crockpot to keep the caramel warm, some wooden sticks for the apple, some baking/treat cups to put the toppings in, and some serving favorites (like spoons, dessert plates & napkins). For our bar, we used whole Honeycrisp Apples & also slices! That way someone could take a slice or an apple, whichever they desire. 🍏

Topping ideas: Chocolate Chips, White Chocolate Chips, Halloween Sprinkles, Heath Bars Crushed, Marshmallows, Chopped Peanuts, Crushed Candy Bars (like Twix or Snickers) Crushed Oreos, Pecans, Reeses Pieces, M & M's & more!

T H E P L A Y L I S T :

No good party is complete without the perfect soundtrack! We’ve created the perfect mash up of all the spooky favorites for the perfect party playlist on Spotify! Click the link below to access the playlist!

T H E G A M E S & P A R T Y F A V O R S :

Whether you do movie night trivia or a pumpkin carving contest- having a little prize always makes things interesting! And we have so many options this year!

1. Take our Trick or Treat tote & fill it with a cozy Halloween throw!

2. Create the perfect Halloween entertainers gift, a Poisoned board, set of napkins & set of drink stirrers is the perfect trio!

3. Grab one of our Boo Bags! The surprise inside makes it the perfect treat…or trick! Each bag is guaranteed so contain a mini candle, chocolate bar & set of Halloween napkins! But which will you get?

Need some party inspiration or essentials? Our Halloween Collection is filled with so many tricks & treats to help you get ready for your best Halloween ever!


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