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Host Your Own Holiday Trivia Night!

There is nothing cozier than a holiday movie night...except maybe hosting your own holiday movie trivia night! We have created a guide to help you become the hostess with the mostess (or holiday cheermeister) this holiday season!

The Drinks:

Nothing goes like movies at the movie theater quite like an ice cold coke! We put a festive twist on a classic for you to host your own movie night! Plus this can be made mocktail version or cocktail version with a simple add on! The perfect way to include all your guests in the festivities!

The Menu:

Pizza & a movie is a classic for a reason! Grab some pizzas from your favorite pizzeria near you and serve it up for your trivia night! After all the future Mrs. Claus said it was her ideal date and a movie (Two for the Road with Thin Crust...bonus points if you know the movie reference!) And of course, popcorn is a must have for any movie trivia night! A popcorn bar with all the toppings would be so fun! We found the cutest reusable single serving popcorn buckets (linked here) that would be so cute!

a list of possible toppings could include:


Chopped Snickers

Crushed Candy Canes

White Chocolate Morsels

Milk Chocolate Morsels

Crushed Oreos

Christmas Sprinkles

The Trivia:

The bones of a trivia night is good trivia questions! We complied a list of 26 questions (and answers) to help you! With questions about all our favorite holiday movies, some easier some harder that only true fans will get!

Gifts for the Winners:

Obviously, you have to have a gift for the winner/winning team! We have complied the perfect list of movie inspired goodies to reward the winners with!


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