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Summer Garden Party

I always look for any reason to throw a party! And Summer time is reason enough! And who doesn’t love a good garden party! The beautiful florals, light foods, good conversations…what more could you ask for! Hosting is like second nature to me, creating a memorable party experience puts me in my natural element. I love incorporating different items from Honey & Home to make hosting + party planning easy! And I am always happy to share my favorite recipes! So let’s throw a party!

S E T T H E T A B L E :

I love a super long rectangular table. It creates so many options for tablescapes + décor. Fresh flowers are a must and of course, I love candles to create an ambiance. Scents like our Tahitian Vanilla or Key West Coconut create a soft subtle scent that is very complimentary to Summer floral notes and will not be overpowering. I love giving the guests something to keep after the event. It is so special + create something to remember the event by. At Honey & Home we have so many options for these special little gifts that are unique, creative + complimentary to the theme of your event! There are so many ways to display the little guest gifts but I love leaving them at each place setting!

1. Golden Palm Boards- these boards are so fun + summery. They make the perfect serving board for two, board to add to your bar cart, + more. With a touch of gold it adds a little detail of luxury! I love leaving the gift at each place setting. It is the perfect way to build the table design around + such a fun little detail.

2. A Summer Candle is the ultimate gift! Of course, I may be a little biased but how fun to walk away with a candle. Some of my favorites to use are Sun Kissed, Pink Lemonade or Sunday Brunch- depending on the day or theme of your party! Leaving these at every place setting is so fun + this item works best with a smaller group or gathering!

3. For bigger events – a candy cube is the perfect take away! You can leave them at each setting or stack them by the desserts. My favorite ones to use are Champagne Bubbles or Sugar Lips depending on your event theme!

D R I N K S :

Light cocktails featuring fresh summer ingredients like mint, fruits, lemons are the perfect crowd pleasers! Plus anything you can make ahead is a bonus, making things effortless + easy as the hostess.

One of my favorite recipes is the Rosé Granita from my favorite entertaining book, So Much to Celebrate. It's like a fancy strawberry champagne slushie! This book is my absolute go-to for party inspiration. The book is broken into four categories corresponding with the four seasons. Each season has party ideas, decorating, drink recipes, hostess tips, snack + treat recipes and so much more! It is a MUST have for any entertainer.

T H E F O O D:

Light foods like charcuterie trays, light sandwiches, airy salads, light desserts like macaroons, vanilla cupcakes, fruit infused cakes + more! Charcuterie is the PERFECT way to graze, socialize + keep things light! I love doing personalized charcuterie if you are doing more of a sit down party! One of my staples for every Spring + Summer party I host is my Lemon Bundt Cake. It is light, bright + flavorful. Okay full disclosure- it was Kris Jenner’s first but it is so dreamy + a summer staple in our house it is requested so often I like to take some credit! It can double as a brunch treat, breakfast cake/bread or a dessert for any time! It is so incredibly easy to whip up, and people will beg you for the recipe!

A L L I N T H E D E T A I L S:

Our Garden Party notecards are the perfect way to send your guests home with a little cute little thank you note (because manners right?). Whether you send them home with the Golden Palm Mini Board or a little candy cube, like the Champagne Bubble- a thank you note is the sweetest extra personalized touch.

Are you a guest instead?! Grab a quick hostess gift that is sure to please!

-The Pink Lemonade Box makes a perfect hostess gift in one complete little package! Its so bright + cheerful filled with a little summer self care, one of our favorite classic summer scents, + a sweet treat!

-Champagne Cocktail cubes paired with a mini board like out With a Twist board make the perfect duo for the cocktail-loving hostess. Tie it up with a little ribbon + you are ready to go!

-An Oyster Dish makes the sweetest little keep sake for a summer hostess gift! Charming + unique, these dishes can be used for jewelry, salt, bath salts + more! They come in a beautiful little box ready to gift!


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