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December Book Club: Mrs. Claus' Christmas Reading List

The holiday season goes by in a blur. The hustle & bustle, the busyness of Christmas parties, events, traditions & shopping, the never ending to-do list of gifts to buy and places to be. It is so easy to get caught up in the craziness & miss the magic that is the holiday season. This year I hope you get to slow down. I hope you find time for stillness. Take a walk enjoying the snow. Savor the glow of your Christmas tree. Get lost in a cozy book.

This month for our December book, I’ve put together two cozy Christmas-y reads, one nice, one a little naughtier, but both perfect to really embrace the holiday season in a cozy way! Because really, what is more cozy than cuddling up with a warm Christmas romance book on a snowy night next to the glow of the tree and the wafting aroma of a Christmas Candle!? Our December books are warm, romantic & light- call it Mrs. Claus’ Christmas Reading List! After all- she knows a thing or two about holiday romance! With 2 new Christmas-y books, this December is sure to be the coziest one yet!

T H E S E B O O K S P A I R W E L L W I T H . . . .

If you read one of these books, tag us in your story & comment below to let us know how you liked it!

...stay tuned for our next book club book to be announced on January 1st!


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