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Cookie + Wine Pairing Party. 🍷

Wine & Cookies are the duo you never knew you needed this holiday season! We love any excuse to throw a party...including a good theme! And a little vino & some holiday cookies makes the perfect theme! Our new mini serving board, the Cookie & Wine Pairing Mini Board, gave us all the inspiration for the perfect holiday party, and doubles as the perfect hostess gift. The best part of this theme is it can serve as inspiration for a party of 20 or a date night in this holiday season! And the key to a cookie & wine tasting? Making your own cookies!

T H E C O O K I E S.

Our 12 Days of Cookies is well under way + we have shared some of our favorite recipes for holiday cookies! But today- we are building the perfect cookie board! The key to the cookie boards is different textures & sizes of cookies!

For our board we used:

Sugar Cookies

Gingerbread Cut Outs

Mini Short Bread Cookies

Peppermint Marshmallows

Peppermint Fudge Cookies From the 2nd Day of Christmas (Recipe Here!)

Caramel Corn

AND....Caramel Corn Fudge!

Caramel Corn Fudge is NEXT level! This yummy, easy to make treat offers the best of the holidays! A little decadent, a little chocolate and a little caramel! Of course- we had to share this recipe with you! It is such a crowd pleaser and gives a little depth to your cookie boards & platters this holiday season!

T H E W I N E.

There is something therapeutic strolling through the wine isle during the holiday season! The bottles seem a little more beautiful, the seasonal blends & packaging is out, and we all know how important a good aesthetic is! When choosing wine for a date night cookie & wine pairing, you already know your favorites but using our Cookie & Wine Pairing board, try something new, like Shortbreads with Chardonnay! But when you are hosting for a crowd, getting a wide array of wine types is so fun for a tasting party! Create little stations with labels so guests can try the wine & cookie pair to find their favorite!


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