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Behind the Scenes: A New Signature Scent

Almost a year after relaunching our signature candle scents, we have been working behind the scenes to add another signature candle scent. And it is finally ready to unveil!


Midnight Lavender

This dreamy new scent is filled with  notes of French lavender, sandalwood & bergamot. It is a sophisticated lavender blend filled with earthy notes of sandalwood and cedar, with subtle warm notes of amber.

More About the Signature Scents.

In true Honey & Home fashion, we are always adding new candles all year round but the Signature Candles provide a base of scents that are available all year round, and a well rounded collection that has something for everyone! From Sunday Sheets, a classic linen scent, to Coffee Shoppe, that smells just like fresh brewed coffee, we have a wide range for you to choose from whether you want to find your personal signature scent or switch it up! (Keep scrolling to find out what type of candle burner you are!) All of our scents are blended in-house and the candles are heavily fragranced in the best way. The comment we hear so often is that if you are in a room with a candle you will get a whiff of it as you walk by without the candle even lit…and we know that to be true! Call it a Honey & Home signature touch if you will! Let's meet the top selling scents of the last 12 months....

Our Process: by Brandi.

At Honey & Home, our candles are the BASE of our business. They are what make us different from every other home store, because they are exclusively available at Honey & Home. The candles are crafted & curated with the utmost care from start to finish. From formulating and testing the scents (did you know we have tested over 600 scents?), creating the scent names, creating the packaging, and of course pouring the candles. The Candle Cave as we affectionately call it, is where the magic happens. The candles are poured with so much love and gratitude, I mean surrounded by all those yummy smells how can they not be? But it never fails, every time we pour I get a lump in my throat thinking about this business, the customers & mostly the candles created from nothing but my thoughts & dreams. These little creations will make their way to different corners of the country, in cottages, home, apartments, gift baskets & it just hits me. We are creating more than a candle. We are creating so much more than a candle. We are creating the emotions this candle is going to inspire & the memories that will be attached to the scent. Smell is the strongest sense attached to memory, and we don’t take that lightly. A little piece of my soul & the signature Honey & Home coziness is poured into each candle & it is so special to think about all the places they will go & emotions they will evoke.

One of the most commonly asked questions I am asked is how. How do I come up with the names? How do I come up with the scents? The answer is hard to formulate but it’s truly inspired creativity. Some names have been created by reading a book or magazine, being inspired by a color of a sweater (Fashionably Late), sometimes a movie (After Dark). The scents have come from emotions we want to create, vacations we took (Sun & Sand is directly connected with sun tanned skinned and Myrtle Beach memories!) or sometimes just happy accidents. Fun fact: Peppermint Hot Cocoa was created solely by Emerson as he was just mixing and playing one day a few years ago. And every year, peppermint hot cocoa ends up being one of the best sellers! We like to call those happy accidents God winks! But really, can you imagine a Christmas without a Peppermint Hot Cocoa Candle? I can’t!

So thank you again & always, for being here & loving the candles! I hope you love the new collection & all that it entails.



P.S. I put together a little quiz for you to find out what type of candle burner you are! I would love to hear in the comments! I am a Classic Queen, of course!


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