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Host a Backyard Movie Night! 🍿

It is the perfect time of year to host a backyard movie night! Whether you have a guest list of all ages, girls night or the perfect couples date night at home, these ideas + party planning inspiration will create a night under the stars you will never forget!

Okay, Okay what can I say? I like the girly classics!

Let’s Eat: Popcorn Bar

Just like the movie theater but better! I love offering a few types of popcorn- plain, kettle & caramel are my go-to’s! Below I shared my recipe for fool proof Caramel Popcorn below (passed down in my family for generations- this is a holiday staple OR only brought out for special movie nights!). If you are setting up your popcorn bar outdoors, use glass jars or any jar with a lid for outdoor friendly serving dishes! The topping possibilities are endless! Some of my favorites are Reese’s Pieces, M & M’s, mini Oreos ,chocolate covered cookie dough bites, pretzels & confetti sprinkles. The perfect blend of sweet + salty options for everyone….okay maybe a little heavier on the sweet side! But what’s movie night without candy?!

D R I N K S : Milkshakes!

A milk shake bar screams drive in movies! So fun + festive and each guest can make their own perfect shake! I use a individual milkshake maker so each guest can literally make their own. It turns drinks into another a focal point of the party- which is SO memorable! You can prepare a little bar filled with all the toppings anyone can dream of! Some of my favorites include crushed Oreos, Reese’s pieces, pretzels, marshmallows, crushed graham crackers and . Using Mason jars is such a easy (& outdoor friendly) jars that can easily be opened and closed as needed!

T H E S E T U P:

A few simple staples from Amazon can take you movie night to the next level! An outdoor projector + 100 inch screen have you all set up for the movie! But another staple is the individual milkshake maker! I love the mint green retro color but they have so many options! This is perfect for your milkshake bar and each guest can easily make their own!

H O S T E S S G I F T S:

Heading to a backyard movie night? Grab one of our favorite Hostess Gifts for the parties director!

1. Movie Night B O X - the all in one box at the perfect price point that will inspire many movie nights to come!

2. Written in the Stars Board with drive in candy bar – this dynamic duo features a sweet treat and a board inspired by the night sky! Perfect for the outdoor movie night….and who doesn’t love a good theme?

3. Movie Night Candle – for a quick + easy gift our Movie Night candle is the perfect solution!


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