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An editorial from Brandi on the Rebrand of Honey & Home.


This coming June Honey & Home is going to turn 6. It truly is hard to believe 6 years have flow by in an instant yet I cannot remember what my life was like before Honey & Home. We have been through so many phases, growth spurts, seasons of slow, and evolved in so many ways. But last year, something was shifting and I couldn’t ignore it.

While I typically keep things professional and avoid anything too personal lingering into the business, this rebrand is anything but “just professional”. As I approached my 30th birthday, I went through a personal transformation that sent me on a path of transformation within Honey & Home. I went through a rather traumatic year, and it causes a lot of introspection. Looking at what is working in my life, what isn’t, who I am, and who I want to be. My own personal evolution, if you will. My personal style shifted slightly in every way, but in a way that felt more authentic than I have ever experienced. I think we reach a point in our lives where everything that doesn’t fit falls away, we stop apologizing for who we are and step into that person fully, we discover our own style instead of hoping on trends and liking what we feel like we “should” like, we find authenticity in everything if we are brave enough to go looking for it. My personal style became softer, flowy, feminine, and filled with warmth. I let go of the “should's” and stopped seeing my softness as a weakness but instead as my greatest strength and something to be savored and protected at all costs. My wardrobe changed, my home style changed, my entertaining style changed, the way I carried my self shift, and most importantly the way I saw myself shifted in the best way- I stepped into who I was meant to be and stopped with the pressure to be anything else.

 And through this transformation, I began to feel Honey & Home didn’t fit, there was an obvious disconnect. I started questioning everything. Are we conveying the emotions I want to convey with every purchase experience, blog post, social media post, etc.? Are we built for longevity and the timelessness I value in our products and message? Does the brand still feel true to me, with me at the helm of it?  Was it time to shut down because of the disconnect I felt? The answer was no- to all of it. And at that exact moment, I knew an overhaul was necessary.  And that is what I set out to do.


I started where most every project starts- Pinterest. I started pinning aesthetic photos that fit with the way I wanted the new Honey & Home to feel. Photos that evoke the feelings of coziness, invitation, joy, escape (especially into yourself), togetherness and inspiration. (sharing a board snapshot below!) When I got done, I was in tears. This was it! I started looking at the common colors, themes, messages in the Pinterest board. Then started asking myself more:  What real life movies, experiences, people, outfits, places feel like they evoke the feelings I want to with the rebrand? Two big influences came to mind from the beach in our backyard (the one we got married on) and the escape it provides on a random Tuesday afternoon and Kathleen Kelly from You’ve Got Mail, the essence of classic style meets warmth in a human being. Many more ideas started to flood in. Honey & Home will and was always meant to be a place of inspiration. But this new era of Honey & Home will embody the romance of slowing down, the comfort of familiar pleasures and finding joy in simplicity. Like that first sip of your favorite coffee, lighting special candle you have been saving or slipping into your favorite linen dress, or the familiar comfort of pulling out a Christmas ornament with a story attached. And that is where the rebrand started to take shape. Classic styles, warm textures and colors, and an overall feeling of coziness, a dreamy collection inspiration and a place you can escape to where joy is naturally inspired became the core of the rebrand. As the elements came together, those emotions, evoked feeling and inspired actions lead the way.  I put together a brand kit, taking my time picking out each color with intention and tweaking it until it was just right, playing with fonts and styles until I found some that felt like they ‘fit’, and then started working with it all to create a new logo. Which for the first time ever, I am showing you the behind the scenes of the new colors, fonts & logos!


From there, the real work began. The packaging & thank you cards got an overhaul, a brand new website with all the features we still love remaining And perhaps the biggest update was the candles. With this new launch, we have launched a new signature scent Fresh Coast. This scent is the embodiment of the new Honey & Home. It is beachy, cozy, warm and inviting. And in truth, paying homage to all the years as it is reminiscent of our original scent, Vitamin Sea! As our candles are so special to us, I wanted to also expand the offering with the rebrand. We have added a second size, a smaller option that comes in a beautiful matte cream jar available in all 11 signature scents. We have also added three new mini sets! Perfect for gifting, sampling, and finding your new personal signature scent. Later this year, you can expect our signature candle offerings to grow and expand, both seasonally and with new permanent collections! We have some very exciting things coming as early as June!


With the new candles, jars and sets, I knew we needed to elevate our photos! I called my sweet friend Ashley who owns Eli Green Photography (learn more about her here!) and she upgraded our candle photos to showcase the beauty of the new jars, offerings and giftable sets! She was kind enough to give us an exclusive behind the scenes look at the rebrand photoshoot!

 The next chapter Honey & Home is here. It has felt like a journey getting here but I think that is how it is supposed to feel! With this new chapter, you can expect expanded collections, inspiration, candles, giftable options, more ways to connect, shop and experience everything Honey & Home was meant to be.


We have some major things in the works for later this year! Stay tuned for more information, sneak peaks and release dates.

As always, thank you for being here, supporting me and my family and for letting Honey & Home be a small part of your life. I am so excited to share this next chapter, and everything that is to come with you.




This is amazing!! I’m loving how cozy and warm this feels & the way it all came together. The photos and products are beautiful! Can’t wait for of all of the things coming to Honey & Home this year!!


So proud of you my friend! Can’t wait for the next chapter of Honey & Home!!

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