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Alfresco Dinner Party.

What a better way to celebrate the return of the fleeting Fall month than an Alfresco dinner party! In short, al fresco is just a fancy way of saying open air, how absolutely romantic + charming.. In Michigan we get so few days that are able to be spent outside so an “open air” dinner party is truly they best way to cherish them. A slight chill in the air, the leaves beginning to change, comfort food, good conversation, cozy atmosphere all come together to create an experience that will kick off the Fall season in the best way.

S E T T H E T A B L E.

Rustic + simple décor is the perfect for any outdoor gathering. Light blankets draped over the seating is perfect + functional if the conversation lasts into dusk! Lit candles are an absolute must for the ambiance! A great way to do this is bring in lots of tealights + votives. My favorite tealights holders are our concrete pumpkin. They are the perfect touch of Fall décor and super neutral in both the grey + charcoal colors. I mix them in with votive in clear glasses.

Another great table setting idea would be to set each place setting with a mini charcuterie board. One of my favorites is our Skyline board. Add a bunch of grapes, a couple of cheeses, + a meat like prosciutto. Next using our Paulownia Wood Serving Bowl, place it in the center of the table with slices baguettes. This is such a beautiful focal yet function piece! I like to have our Sea Salt Caramel spread + Pumpkin Caramel Honey Spread. Either option goes great with charcuterie + bread. It is s perfect way to get the conversation + drinks flowing before dinner!

Speaking of drinks….

Apple Cider Moscow Mules are super a perfect drink that can be made ahead of time! Its like the perfect introduction to Fall.

F O O D.

Fall offers the return of comfort food…pasta dishes, bread, cheesy favorites but also still offers the freshness of fruits + vegetables. A classic crowd pleaser is a fresh salad + a creamy pasta dish. My personal favorite combination is a fresh Caprese salad + creamy buttery alfredo sauce. Years ago I found a recipe for the creamiest alfredo ever + it has become a staple in our household….especially when serving guests! It is so delicious, cheesy, buttery and is balanced out by the freshness of the basil + crisp tomatoes sprinkled with our Greek Freak Seasoning for next level flavors. It is the ultimate Fall combination!

T H E S W E E T S.

No alfresco dinner party is complete with out sweets. A caramel apple bar is the PERFECT ending to a comforting Fall dinner. It is light but satisfyingly sweet. Get the apples readying by having them on a tray with a wooden stick through them. Caramel can be kept warm in a small crock pot and you can have a little bar of toppings! Traditional toppings like chopped peanuts, mini chocolate chips, mini M & M’s pieces are great but you can also add elevated options like shaved coconut, crushed toffee, and macadamia nuts.

F O R T H E H O S T E S S.

We didn’t forget about the hostess gift! Of course if you are attending a Fall Dinner Party we have to many amazing options for a sweet little hostess gift!

My top two favorite options:

1. Hello Pumpkin Board + Pumpkin Caramel Honey Spread + Gold Charcuterie Tools

The sweetest themed trio that every host would love to receive.

2. Mahogany Apple Candle + Creamy Nude Matches

Such a gorgeous pair and the perfect way to be a gracious guest!

3. Hello Pumpkin Board + Caramel Pumpkin Cold Brew Candle

the board is back in another pair because it is just to cute!


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