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A little Falloween Project. 🎃

It’s no secret at this point that I love this time of year & I decorate every space & corner I can for “Falloween”! And this year I had an idea! Of course, I love a good pumpkin carving night & we host one annually with our family- BUT the simplicity of having some fake pumpkins…carved is the perfect way to celebrate early and enjoy them last year after year. But the best part? You have them for Fall & Halloween both, all you have to do is turn them around!

So we bought 3 carve-able plastic pumpkins in different sizes. I choose white because it fit my décor, but even a mix of white and orange together would be so cute! We got our pumpkins at Hobby Lobby & JoAnn Fabrics- but Lowes & Target carry carvable pumpkins as well! I picked 3 different faces for each pumpkin (thank you Pinterest) and put Emerson straight to work! What can I say, he has more patience for the tiny details than I do! And they turned out incredible!

They turned out so cute! For Fall they can be flipped with their plain side (uncarved) out, but when you are ready to switch to Halloween, all you have to do is flip them around!

If you try this fun little project, tag us in the results! We can’t wait to see how yours turn out!


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