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A Rosey Refresh.

The first Box of 2024 is here and it is one of my favorite ones we have ever done! The contents are great, but the meaning behind the box is what makes it my favorite. A perfectly timed refresh for your mind, office and home. A way to celebrate the new year, but in a soft, gentle and cozy way. Winter always offers an opportunity to go inward, to create a cozy haven in your own home, to clean spaces and places that are craving a refresh and to give yourself your own version of winter, allowing rest and replenishment to recharge you before the season of rebirth comes in a couple short months. This box was curated specifically to aid in all of the above. To bring you comfort, warmth and an rest in the winter months.

Get lost in the Rosey Refresh box....

This box kicks off a year of boxes that are better than ever before. Intentionally curated and designed with the seasons in mind, just like always, but new products, new themes and new ways to make this year cozy, special and memorable.

Our subscription box delivers a new box to your doorstep every other month. Plus an extra box during your birthday month (our new, refreshed birthday box!). It is the happy mail you cannot wait to receive.

Explore the subscription & all the perks it includes here!

I cannot wait to unveil some sneaks of the rest of the boxes! Stay tuned!




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