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A Look Forward into 2024

Every January we sit down to look at the year ahead, and also reflect on the year behind, to try to figure out ways of expansion, growth and most importantly how we can serve our queens (YOU), better and more throughout the year! As we have been busy planning and plotting for 2024, we have SO many amazing things coming! More decor, more entertaining favorites, more small business vendors getting a space in our shop and of course, more candles!

Our main goal at Honey & Home, is always to inspire coziness, connection, and celebration. These 3 concepts can be explored in so many ways, creating a cozy home, celebrating life’s big and small moments through entertaining company you love, and connecting through meaningful gifts and events that bring people together. Our expansion is taking those concepts to the next level through new products, collections, services, experiences and packages!

We have put together a little sneak peak of just a few of the exciting things and collections to come later this year....

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