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A Dreamy Outdoor Brunch.

Soaking in every second of Summer, and this year we are hosting the perfect outdoor brunch!

T H E A M B I A N C E :

An outdoor table set up is the perfect for Summer brunches! Seating can be chairs or outdoor cushions on the grass with throw blankets or large pillows! Having everything on the table including food, drinks, napkins & cutlery on the table makes for easy hosting!

T H E M E N U :

Summer is the perfect time for a bagel bar! Different types of bagels with fruits, cream cheeses & our homemade strawberry honey butter make the most gorgeous tray set up! We used one of our Alabaster Serving Boards to create a board filled with 5 types of bagels (including two sizes), fresh fruit, whipped cream cheese, honey cream spreads (so yummy on fruit!), and the strawberry honey butter. This yummy butter will be a new staple in your house all summer long, using just a few ingredients!

T H E H O S T E S S G I F T :

Invited to a summer brunch & need a cute hostess gift we’ve got so many fun options! Drink stirrers, the perfect entertaining book & a cute tote bag are such a fun trio together or individually!


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